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02 March 2018

Is it cold in winter?



While the taps and toilets are all frozen on the land, the water is still running absolutely fine on the boat because the tank and pipework is far from freezing. The toilets can't be flushed on land but the boat toilet is absolutely fine as it runs on raw salt water. So that's 2 - 0 to the boat compared to land living. 

snowy cockpit
Exposed cockpit.
Most sane people who live on their boats
would have got this covered over
with a winter boom tent. 

snowy boat pontoon
Mooring the boat the other way round
would have solved the problem of
cold whistling though the vents and it
would be at least 5 degrees Celsius warmer inside. 

empty prosecco in snow
No problem for keeping drinks chilled though

It's a steady 8 degrees inside, which is 12 more than it is outside and if we take the wind chill factor into account, that is 20 degrees warmer. All things being relative, I'd say it's warm inside. (14/15C  inside the boat would feel the same as 21C in a house given the small space and low ceiling height.)  When it's 8C inside, this is warm socks/boots and a thick jumper conditions. Not unreasonable really. It's fkin cold outside. But  kinda ok inside. When the wind changes direction, it'll be cosy.

but for now... The thermal Buff is the gift of the gods.

The Polar Buff has been a winter/spring/autumn staple for the past 14 years. This Star Wars one is on my wish list.
Also wish they did a disco one for Boogie Nights.  I'd wear it as a boob tube in summer. 

I wrote (Can you smell that) last March... which gives a fuller explanation.

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