Boogie Nights

A sweary hyperactive maritime professional, really very keen on laughing a lot, doing their best to avoid all the trappings of societies' expectations by acting on impulse to any adventurous idea that wafts by. Let's go!

bienvenu, hola, ciao!

The Figure Head

The figure head, as seen on all great vessels is generally female.
Stands to reason then, that if wooden ships had a wooden figure head, then a plastic boat should have a plastic one.

The plastic is fantastic and her name is Barbie. 

Hawaiian Barbie from Harlow - summer 2017
The downside with plastic figure heads is that they can't be sanded down and varnished as the UV rays degrade the plastic. 

Beware which parts bin you put your hand in. The head of Barbie-past rests within the boat, amongst the glow-sticks, spare batteries and harmonicas. 

she's not dead, she's just resting. 

Disco Barbie from Nottingham - summer 2015

Barbie also known as #beargrylsbarbie and #chucknorrisbarbie is the figure head of Boogie Nights. 

Beach Barbie (from South Woodham Ferrers) dabbling with weed - Summer 2014. 

Some may scoff at the premise of having a figure head in a modern world.

But scoff ye not.

She’s a highly accomplished and useful piece of the machine.

Here we demonstrate various other uses for a Barbie, because when the chips are down, sometimes what you need is a creative mind and a sense of humour.

Anti creaking and fair lead.

When you want to stop chafe from ropes?

No problem. 

When your brand new Selden gas strut vang collapses and the boom goes crashing down, what you need is support.

No problem


If you lose a winch handle over the side?

No problem


When the belt breaks on the autopilot or you just need another pair of hands on helm?

No problem 


Need some help tweaking the mainsheet?

No problem

Lost your fancy brass dividers in an incident with neptune and his weather assisted removal of items from their stowage places to the nautical netherworld?

No problem


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