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14 July 2012

the yachting monthly triangle race

 When I was asked if I would like to cover the 2012 Triangle race,
I practically snatched the editors hand off. I had read about the race previously and it had built a reputation for being a very sociable race.

On arrival in Torquay, a cacophony of halyards clanging and rigging howling provided a noisy welcome.
Gazing around, amid flapping battle flags I found my ride for the next two weeks, a 10 meter Dazcat, owned and skippered by James Jermain. Ineligible for the monohull only race, but a perfect platform to perform media duties from with its huge rear deck space and potential speed to keep up with even the fastest in the race fleet.

Leg 1
Destination Kinsale
17 June 2012, Sunday 0900

arrival Kinsale
19 June 2012 tuesday morning with a serious problem with electrics on Bella Donna. not sure if we can continue...

Leg 2
Destination Treguier
22 June 2012, Friday 1030
fast, furious, the best fun ive ever had in my foul weather gear. Smiles from ear to ear pretty much all the way. and a stifled hysterical laugh as my skipper got washed across the deck with a breaking wave.  He loved it too... even if he didnt say so at the time. 

Leg 3
Destination Torquay
27 June 2012, Wednesday 1300
on leg three we had the committee to carry back to the start, so we didnt get a chance to sail with the fleet who vanished off into a gloomy over cast and later foggy day. but, we did carry home one of the crews whose boat had a rudder failure.  so the extra company was very welcome for the short leg back to torquay. and I found my own amusement by playing with my food.

you can read the full story in the September 2012 issue of Yachting Monthly magazine.  

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