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10 January 2012

plastic sweats and my new tube

The cold weather is making the hull sweat.
I came back from a quick trip to the north at new year with my de-humidifier.
It's been chugging away removing some of the moisture but it has hardly any effect on the cupboards.

My wardrobe is one place that suffers damp. I have to rotate and air my clothes every other day. I take them out and hang them somewhere else to air, to dry a bit then rotate back into the damp cupboard. It's carpet lined, but somehow still damp.
I took my favourite dress and jacket out to see the first signs of mildew mould forming on them. That could have been very costly if I hadn't caught it so soon. I still have a strong (angry) memory of my favourite (expensive) sandals becoming absolutely ruined with mildew when they were stored over winter in a deep wardrobe on my last boat. This time I brushed the mould off a pair of Sebago deck shoes, another pair of sandals and a bag of clothes stashed in the bottom of the wardrobe. I know from bitter past experience, I can't stuff the wardrobe. It MUST have breathing space. But even with breathing space, the evil mould keeps threatening.

Cunning plan.

I've heard about people using tube heaters around their engines. But what about in small cupboards?
I looked on the expansive Amazon website for reviews of small tube heaters. 30cm tube heaters cost less than £20 and run on 45-50 watts. If I consider the cost of damage to my clothes, I think it's worth a try.

The electric cables drive me mad all over the floor, I try to keep them tidy, but it's a daily battle. Walk bare foot at your peril.

Thats a 2 kilowatt heater. (750 + 1250) which does a good job of keeping the boat warm during winter.

and that is a small tube heater, molly coddling my clothes, keeping the bastard fucking evil mildew at bay. It also means my clothes aren't absolutely freezing and feel rather nice when I put them on in a morning. It doesn't make them warm, just dry. 50watts.

I'm currently juicing up at around 12 units of electricity per day. at 24 pence a unit... I'm trying not to think about it to be honest.

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