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06 September 2009

Flexible assets

What I want wis a boat with pedigree; one that I can sail solo; a good engine, hull and sails, not too worried about the interior needing tlc and not more than £45,000. 
Jeanneau 38
I started in Poole with a Jeanneau Sunshine 38 which had just enough storage for a stoat, 
followed by a Southerly 105 in Ipswich that looked like Beirut in the 80's;
Southerly 105
moody 33
a Moody 33 in Burnham that was designed for pygmies;  

an Oyster 41 in Cardiff that I liked so much I had to have a lay down on the bed, 

oyster 41
 another Oyster 41 in Plymouth that looked like the House of Lords inside, 

tradewind 35
a Tradewind 35 in Fowey that had interior and exterior woodwork so luscious it looked edible, sadly lacking in guest berths though and an Oyster 35 Mariner in Troon that had a master cabin with en-suite boat. 

oyster mariner 35

Both of the Oyster 41's had something special about them. The large semi flush decks; beautiful lines; seriously hefty winches; excellent chart table; ocean-going companionway. They ticked a lot of my boxes.

I made an offer on the Oyster 41 in Cardiff. It's got a slightly tired but willing look about it. The upholstery, so floral and garish that even Laura Ashley might need sunglasses but that part doesnt matter as long as it's basically sound. 

We agreed £42,000 subject to survey after haggling. 
Two weeks later, Survey day, I was standing before a boat in slings watching my surveyor earn his living. It was going quite well up until he started tapping along the hull. It went quickly from a bright clack clack clack to a very dull thunk sound. He gave the hull a press by hand and it flexed easily. More people joined in with the cardiac massage style testing. Heads were shaking in disbelief. 
My heart sank. 
Days passed while tests were done. Patches of hull were ground out to inspect for de-lamination. 
The salesman sent me pictures of the boat looking like swiss cheese, trying to convince me there was nothing wrong with it. 

But I had to act with my head and not my heart and walk away. 

It's gut wrenching and a serious blow to my boat fund.

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