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05 August 2008

barge poles

I returned home last night to see my boat not quite as i left it.

my barge pole had moved and was resting in a very strange place. I wandered around the roof looking down at the scene trying to work out why someone would move my pole and leave it in such a strange place when my questions were answered by a neighbour who trotted down the towpath to talk to me.

apparently my boat had come adrift and he had to punt it back to the side with my pole.

you could say i should have hammered my stakes in harder, or tied my ropes better, but in fact what had happened was a boat went past so fast it completely bent my piling hook straight and ripped it off the wall. Brilliant.
SO ive now got 3 bank stakes hammered in with nicely tied ropes and a straightened hook on the back of the boat looking useless.

I dont normally comment on fast boaters, but it must have been something special to rip that out.
thanks to neighbourly neighbours for putting it back yesterday.

I hope its still there when I get back tonight.

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