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16 July 2008

Bye bye tangarine speedo

Ah, the little orange dream that has trundled behind Honey Ryder over the past year has got a new home to go to.

its carried our water from obscure water points, its carried me to the supermarket, its taken me across limehouse basin to visit friends in the marina, we've rowed in the oddest of positions, weve slipped about inside when its icy cold and Ive bailed out gallons and gallons of rain water.
Its been home to a stray cat on the roof, ducks have cadged a lift in it and its been used as a floating shed at times.
Its caused worrying moments in the odd lock and not to mention that jetty that "jumped" out at us in the aforementioned limehouse basin. You bear the scar well tango.

It recently went into action when the boot top needed painting black and now, now its time to say ta ta me old fruit.

its been special.


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