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14 July 2008

slow down

I got told to slow down for the first time this weekend. Yay!

I was cruising past moored boats into my own mooring spot. I say my own, I mean a place at the side of the canal I have claimed as mine for the next few days.
So this chap reckoned I was going too fast. yeah, the crazy speed demon I am was approaching the bank at, oh, 3mph i think, yeah the granny on the tow path was going faster.
I tried to point out I was actually slowing down to a stop, but because I was doing this in my own, er, slightly fruitfully foul mouthed way, even Mr X told me not to upset the man and make the engine go quieter so onlookers would think I was slowing down.

The boat is still for sale. we've had a few bilge kickers but nothing solid yet. most people are just curious and want to have a look around. they want to know what a reverse layout looks like, or how a cross double works.
here's the layout of honey ryder for anyone interested. I havent marked on where we stash our drugs, money or illegal immigrants. thats a secret.


we are in no rush to sell though, the more we stay on the narrowboat, the better yacht we will be able to afford in the future because we save so much by being on the NB and CC'ing.

has anyone else noticed how vicious coots are?

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