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30 June 2008

no news is good news

Its been all quiet on the boat this month, the new black box is fitted, my wallet is £850 lighter.
The new box, although it looks identical to the one it's replaced, is in fact far better than the old one. Its more efficient and works slightly differently. It's been a blessing in disguise really, although it's been an expensive blessing.
The charger uses less power on start up which means we can charge directly from our small gennie via the shore power socket. We used to have to run the engine for a bit to boost the charging power for the old one before we could let the gennie go solo.

My motorbike has now developed a small clutch problem and my car is still at the menders after being smashed nearly two months ago.

we are moored up at Batchworth visitor moorings for the moment and enjoying the view over the fields and cheap and easy trains to work.
It's also just withing cycling distance so I gave that a go last week. My legs are still recovering after the 25 mile ride on a fixed bike. Im ashamed how unfit I have become.

This coming weekend Im hoping to head out to the London Pride parade, plus the Ware festival. There's also a mad cartwheeling thing happening over the millenium bridge so I might just have to go and watch that too.
My usual compadré has decided the long trip south for the parade isn't worth the effort so it looks like Im going alone unless anyone out there wants to join me for a bit of cheesy dancing in the street.

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