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07 June 2008

bang bang, I shot you down, bang bang

It was wednesday morning, I was doing the usual getting up and going to work routine and decided to run the washing machine as I was down to my last pair of bloomers.

switch on the engine. eat some breakfast at the same time, wait for it to warm up a bit, load the washing machine, chuck the soap in the drawer, switch the travel power on, green light... then switch over the main power switch to activate the 240v system.
ive done this, oh... so many times and I know the routine.

this routine was rudely changed however when I first heard a louder than usual buzzing from the inverter/charger... my not completely awake mind noted that fact and was trying to think why that might be. the buzzing lasted perhaps 1 or 2 seconds and as my mind was slowly catching up, with eyes cast in the direction of the AC-in light waiting/hoping/wishing for it to go green, the whole charger unit seemed to pulse at me and go with an almighty bang, followed by another.
As I was standing the obligatory narrowboat distance away from it... 18inches max, I felt the noise wave before it registered with my still waking up ( rather quicker than usual) brain and I heard it.

Immediate reaction, let out a mild scream of "aah!"
secondary reaction, switch of the main power switch with a perspiring hand.
third reaction, smell the air for burning.

Never have I perspired so spontaneously, it's been a long time since anything made me er, scream like a girl.

it was a good adrenalin rush, but an expensive one. After a days internet researching, I found a company who services and replaces heart interface units and I was told, "since the unit is 12 years old, you may as well replace it"

£852 for a new heart interface/xantrex freedom combi 20.

Bang goes my savings this month for the next boat
Bang goes my freetime at the weekend as it will be spent down the launderette.

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