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12 August 2008

the Refrigedaire experiment

Coming back from holiday nearly two weeks ago I was faced with a decision, 

Turn the fridge back on, or not?

If I turn the fridge on, I know that I need to charge the batteries almost daily which is expensive and annoying.  If not, well, could I live without a fridge? Warm sour milk for breakfast, cheese crawling out on its own, limp lettuce and other delicacies I'd rather not risk.
I decided to plump for the living without a fridge option.

Surprisingly it hasn't been as hard as I thought it might be. The fridge is still a fairly cool place to keep stuff as part of it is below the water line so it's a bit cooler down there, also the weather hasn't exactly been roasting.
So what in fact do I need a fridge for? I worked out that the butter ( at less than £1 per pack) and soya milk ( £2 for a 1ltr carton) plus odd bits of cheese and salad were costing me around a pound a day in fuel, charging the batteries to keep them cool.
Turn the fridge off and I only need to charge the batteries once per week. I'm saving £5 in fuel per week at the moment, but what have I sacrificed and is it worth it?

In short, I've sacrificed bugger all! Ok, I haven't bothered buying butter in as I use so little of it but the rest, well, my soya milk keeps perfectly ok in a cool area for three days, my vegetables and fruit are all the same. In fact nothing I use actually needs a refrigerator, as long as I buy fresh little and often who needs a fridge? Not me. I'm feeling smug. Can you tell?
It's quite a revelation, watching food, waiting to see how long it will last un-refrigerated. So far humous has been the shortest lived at three days when it started to go furry, but by that time I'd managed to scoff most of it. Cucumber lasts at least 5 days. So does Soya milk.
Drinking red wine instead of white is apparently more healthy for me too, so hurray for not switching my fridge back on.
My neighbours ( if I had any) would probably thank me too for this experiment as it means I don't risk breaking any waterways rules for the hours I run my gennie or engine at.
The only downside I can possibly see is the fact that if I buy ice cream I have to eat the entire tub... which is no good for my healthy eating regime.

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