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22 November 2007

Entry A couple of weeks non-boating

Entry A couple of weeks non-boating

entry Nov 22 2007, 06:31 PM
As I near the end of my two weeks holiday, away from work, away from the man, away from all the infuriating commuting...
I have arrived the other side feeling so much energetic and full of life. I havent moved the boat at all, Im still moored alongside a friend who looked after it while I went away to the north, arriving back all I needed to do was run the engine and charge the batteries.

unfortunately with the boat along side me its created a really good metal barrier to my internet signal so tonight instead of propping the computer in a window in a very uncomfortable fashion Im sitting on the back deck with views of an amazing sky and a moon, almost full is reflecting nicely off the mirror calm water. my hands are seizing up nicely with the cold now.

This two weeks have been simply superb, I have met lots of other boaters, chatted to walkers and other passers by, so many of them seem amazed I would want to live on a boat in the winter. I remind them it's not winter yet but even so they can't understand it. I try to explain how hot it can get inside when the fire is lit, just this week I had a little experiment with coal in my fire and I nearly set myself on fire, such was the fury of the heat it was giving off. brilliant, except I was too hot all night once I went to bed. Ive never been too hot in a house before! At 5am it was still hotter than a rattlesnakes ass.

The neighbour lent me an axe to chop up some kindling, oh I want one of those now. an Axe... such good fun and great for venting any frustrations
not that I have any frustrations but it was fun anyway.

and so my holiday is drawing near to an end, I want to get as much done as possible before I have to collect the man from the airport on saturday morning. So much I had planned and so little has been done. I dont feel bad about doing practically bugger all, after all holidays are what you make of them.

tomorrow, if the mood takes me then i think I shall take the dog for a deep exploration of the local wildlife park. whats the point of mooring up slap bang in the middle of a watery wildlife haven if I dont at least go and have a look at what all the fuss is about.
although I could very easily end up by the seaside instead. yes, the seaside is a far better place to go than the local lake.

fish n chips, over looking the sea, with a dog begging at my side... now that is bliss.

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