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14 November 2007

clairvoyance, rose tinting and arid extra dry

Entry clairvoyance, rose tinting and arid extra dry

entry Nov 14 2007, 11:40 PM
Im on holiday, the kind of holiday where there are no plans, nothing to do but simply enjoy not working and having a chance to have some quality time with me.
Its been a few years since, in fact no, its been since NEVER that I had two weeks to do as I please, to do what I like, when I like because, just because.

I'm on my own here on Honey Ryder and for the first time since I've lived on the boat I feel like Im enjoying it. not because Im moving the boat, not because I even like the boat, but I think it's because it's feeling more homely and my energy has gone right back up there into the clouds since the grumpy "anti english" man I share my life space with (and most of my life energy it seems) has gone to france to do some professional faffing for two weeks and I imagine spend all the time being deliriously happy to be back in france!
I never realised a person could sap so much energy just by being in close proximity and being perpetually miserable. If I had known at the start maybe I would have called the boat, Les Miserables....

So my pecker is definitely lifted after just five days away from work and man and Ive just arrived back from a little visit to see my family so the world is looking rose tinted at the moment.

during those five days I have embarked on the start of a little bit of an educational journey. a spiritual one. well, i tried to make it spiritual but the cynical side of me kept telling the gullible side of me, "get a grip love it's just a load of old bollocks"
however, that didn't stop it being educational and Im keeping an open mind or at least trying to.
The start of this journey began by visiting a church. not any old regular christian church but a spiritualist one. it was a nice little place with purple walls and curtains and some gypsy trinkets around a small altar. Unfortunately I was left totally unconvinced by the Medium as she relayed her clairvoyance to some obviously emotionally needy people in the audience/congregation.
The atmosphere was nice though and the people seemed genuine enough. I think I need to see a bit more and visit some more churches or centres before I find the answers I am looking for.

meanwhile Im moored near to a very passionate couple, passionate and noisy. Im very happy for them, very happy indeed as they are quite a mature couple and seem to be putting the duracell bunny to shame. However it doesn't half make it seem like the Arid desert over here.

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