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27 November 2007

Entry a one woman crime wave

Entry a one woman crime wave

entry Nov 27 2007, 10:38 AM
It seems as though this year is doomed to be a year of criminal activity. I feel like it is surrounding me at the moment.

At the start of the year, the boating year just after easter I had my bike nicked off the roof of the boat, that was a sign of things to come.
I bought a new bike and then two months later that was nicked too, this time from a secure carpark...
then came the car's time to be broken into and violated.

so you would imagine that the three things would stop there.

no, during my holidays my neighbours car got broken into in a supposedly safe carpark,
then a couple of days later Im sitting in the same car park fiddling with an annoying sticker on my car windscreen when one of the most beat up cars you can imagine came trundling into the car park full of young people, very suspicious looking I noticed the car had no plates and after some of the occupants disappeared off to the tow path they emerged and a few minutes later I saw them rummaging through a handbag that really didn't look like it belonged to them, so I reported it to the police once they left.
the next day my neighbours saw another car full of young people, again with no plates in th car park and that was also reported to the police...

So you can imagine my sheer delight when I arrived at my friends flat yesterday morning to discover she had been burgled while she was away for the weekend. thankfully the burgler hadnt trashed the place or even had time to clear it out completely but the feeling of being constantly violated by people who have no respect for others is starting to really get to me.

Its hardly suprising that as a nation we are becoming more and more protective over our land and our property, and are increasingly paranoid about strangers.

I dream of a day when we never need to use a lock and key again.

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