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13 September 2007

life doesn't get better than this?

life doesn't get better than this?
entry Sep 13 2007, 01:49 PM
A change is as good as a rest, or something like that.
I've been trying to answer all my own questions of how I'd like my life to be, where I want to live, how I want to live, love and be loved. It's quite a hard thing to do, as each time you think you've answered question another two pop up.

It's like my to do list, it never gets shorter, it just changes with the times.

I've been reading Bones blog with interest recently as she's been on her holidays and visiting lots of other boaters, it seems it's been a turbulent time for her too, Im not sure why exactly because she speaks in riddles, Im currently trying to find a translator book on "how to understand for the hard of understanding".

which brings me to my first question, Am I a bit mentally retarded or do I just not connect with regular society in the normal way?
There is a fine line between supreme intelligence and madness and Im not sure which side of the line Im treading half the time.

my eccentricity seems to be welcomed though by my friends and relatives, or should that be tolerated?

anyhoo, my blissful ignorance of all that happens around me makes me a very happy untroubled person generally.

I've had a very splendid time recently generally not doing much but doing something at the same time,
I went cruising in the rain with the dog on the roof,

then I went to a beer festival at earls court, and after several beers from UK, Europe and er, other places I decided I quite like beer.

then I went to nottinghill carnival, and decided I want to learn how to play samba drums, I get goose bumps every time I hear and see these people drumming live.

then It was proms in the park, one of my best friends thought it would be a great idea to dress up a bit, so we beavered away at the sewing machines for an afternoon and et voila, a rather bright outfit and lots of media attention. the original idea to make tutu's turned more into poofy skirts... great for dancing in though.

while we were at the proms thing, we saw tony hadley from spandau ballet, he's put a lot of weight on in the past few years... easy livin'.

and then I went off on a work trip to Italy to ride a motorbike around the Dolomites and visit a clothing factory. Which was nice.

this weekend I think I shall move the boat to pastures green... and possibly nip down to the southampton boat show to dream about what boat im going to live on next. ideally with a mast and sails. ( and bloody great keel too)

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