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07 September 2007

Friday, I make that Tutu o'clock

Entry Friday, I make that Tutu o'clock

entry Sep 7 2007, 01:39 PM
So it's friday, it's september 7th and I'm still moored up at Cheshunt. Getting a bit bored of the scenery but the neighbours are nice.

As unexpected events unfold we start with this weekend with a trip into London for proms in the park. A friend toted the idea while we were on the train back from the Nottinghill carnival a couple of weeks ago. Then came the suggestion of dressing up in union jack outfits.
Now, I and my friends do have a history of enjoying dressing up. It's not a kinky thing honest.

new year party, uv reactive outfits for a club in Derby

clubbing again, this time in London

a work party

new years party, randy wobbly old ladies ( im the one on the left)

new years party, fallen angels ( im on the right)

work, this is me at my day job

So tu tus are being made currently for the party tomorrow. ( as well as a kipper tie)
27 meters of red white and blue netting each should make for some rather outstanding results and a big swag of union jack material should do the trick

After the party Im off to the north to drop off my dog so I can go on a little trip to Italy on Monday. The plan is to check out some new clothing, a 2008 range of motorcycling apparel, eat ata swanky restaurant and ride a Ducati up some hills somewhere. it should be jolly good fun.

Also, STOP PRESS... the most exciting news of the day, my new (second hand, thank Ebay) Makita finishing sander has arrived. Let the dinghy and kitchen renovation commence. after I get back from Italy of course.

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