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26 July 2007

Pinky and Perky

Hands up all of you who like to walk around your own home in the buff. Au Naturel?

Yes, me too. My neighbour discovered this fact yesterday, as I was having my breakfast in the kitchen standing out looking over the water I saw a feint silhouette of my neighbour opposite behind their net curtains ( on a boat? net curtains? I ask you...what are they trying to hide? maybe they walk around naked too?)

I'm not exactly the shy retiring type so I figured if they want to look then they can, after all we are all human and all have roughly the same bits here and there.
Thankfully the gunnel line is just the right height to hide a multitude of pearshaped pinkies.

He (the neighbour who I still dont know the name of) still seemed very cheerful this morning when I said good morning to him.

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