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27 July 2007

Entry tea leaves

Entry tea leaves

entry Jul 27 2007, 10:19 AM
Why is it things always come in 3's?

whay cant they come in 1's?

let me explain myself. Back in April after easter I had my push bike stolen off the roof of our boat. Ok I was pissed off, I was annoyed. I was also kicking myself for forgetting to lock my bike and I kind of got my head around having something stolen because I should know better.
that was strike one and I wish it stopped there

fast forward a couple of months and I come back to work on a monday morning to see a very ominous hole where my NEW pushbike should be chained up in the so called secure carpark where i work. After digging out the cctv footage of the carpark, the security people confirm my bike was stolen at 7.30 on saturday night as 2 hooded youths shimmied under the security roller door as a car came in. they picked my lock and then rode my bike away. they had hoods up and cant be identified. Wankers.
that was strike two

fast forward again, three weeks this time and we are moored up at tottenham, our car parked quite close by in the car park for stonebridge lock and tottenham marshes. Arriving at the car at 6.30am and see the drivers door not looking as it should and realise someone has smashed the rear quarter window and bent the drivers door from the top with a crow bar in a failed attempt to open it. I think they got in from smashing the small window and for all this damage, which will mean a replacement door all they took was a pair of sunglasses and a £10 note from the glove compartment. schools are out and the little twats are obviously bored.
strike three

why is it 99% of the time, its young males of the species that get up to this kind of shit?
I go back to my day dream time and again.... a totally female world, in fact not female, but an androgenous society, with a slight female tendency for caring for each other and a male tendency for being able to repair things.

Now, Im hoping for more rain, like that the kids will prefer to be tucked up inside playing on their playstations rather than robbing stuff from the streets.

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