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24 July 2007

Entry fabri-cadabra

Entry fabri-cadabra

entry Jul 24 2007, 05:53 PM
I love sewing, I mean I really love it. There's something quite kinky about the sensation of fabric running through my fingers as it becomes joined together and takes a new form and function.

I've had some fabrics in a bag by the side of my bed for a few weeks now, they've been calling to me and begging me to put them to use.
So at the weekend when the sun and rain blessed us in equal measures I got my grandmothers sewing machine out, and set to.

I also had a little visit to Dunelm while we are in the region of a decent sized shop and B&Q.
the plan was to fit blinds to the kitchen and get rid of the old manky bachelor curtains, put a new blind up in the bathroom, make a curtain to divide the kitchen and living room and paint the bathroom door and ceiling and put a new towel rail up.

At B&Q I also bought paint to start the overhaul of the kitchen by painting the doors. that will come later. first its fabric time.

So, the kitchen, two blinds, replacing curtains, JOB DONE, and I feel pleased with the look, once the doors are painted the whole place will look better.

The big curtain separating the rooms, JOB DONE. it should help keep smells from the rest of the boat, stop drafts in winter and it makes the place look more homely.

The bathroom has a new coat of paint on the ceiling ( the previous owner was a smoker and no matter how hard i scrubbed it was never going to be white) the door was also painted while and a shiny new towel rail put up as we have a serious lack of towel hanging space. also put a new roman blind up in the bathroom to replace manky old curtain.

the bedroom curtains were finished a while back, im pleased with them , they brighten the place up. NOTE the step is missing at the bottom of the purple curtain, this is where the water pump lives. its been making strange noises recently so the filter was taken out to be checked... replaced and cue a rapid leak dripping from a joint. oh bugger. the step is still off for easy inspection over the next few days to see if the leak recurs after it was stopped.

a few jobs jobbied then, next i need to attack the kitchen cupboards and also remove some awful roses and castle transfers from inside the main doors. I think they might be replaced with a tropical beach scene. James Bond, Dr. No style.

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