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05 June 2007

french flipper

Belle I'le

I've been away to france again recently and in between visiting family and friends and a bohemouth french wedding party I visited a splendid little island south of Brittany. Belle I'le

It's got a few little harbours and it brought back my hunger to be on the sea again, to feel the salt air making my skin feel all tight and to feel the motion of the gentle swells as I'm anchored up with plink plopping as the water slaps the bow. Oh how I miss this sensation.

Canals are lovely, calm serene places but there's no comparison really with open moving water such as rivers, estuaries and coastal waters.

I consider the Honey Ryder narrowboat as a halfway house to living on a boat. It's like boating but with most of, if not all of the comforts of a house. It doesnt really feel very much like boating a lot of the time, even though we move about frequently I cant help but feel I'm in a house that floats rather than a boat.
I wonder if I am alone in feeling like this?


Since I lost a shoe out of my bag a couple of months ago while negotiating the M25 clockwise on my motorbike, both Mr X and myself have started a collection of "one shoe lost" pictures
here is my latest addition from my holiday. Ok, it's not the regular footwear you might see someone cruising down the highstreet in but its still something you wear on your feet.

it was found in May on a beach in Belle I'le


currently we are moored in a nice spot opposite a horse ranch and in front of a slightly eccentric ladies boat covered in Xmas decorations and animals. Apparently she thought we were strange because we both go to work in the day and still constantly cruise our boat. We think she's a bit strange because she doesn't go to work in the day but she never moves her boat....

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