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16 May 2007

The red light zone

The red light zone
entry May 16 2007, 01:07 PM
SO we've had a couple of weeks of rain, its been wetter than an otters pocket and all Ive heard is grumbles from people around me that they cant go outside to play.

Ha! well, what they need is a sewing machine, a nice dry and bright cratch area to sit in and a few yards of fancy fabric.

Yes, Ive been busy, beavering away at my latest boaty improvements. While Yann folded himself into two and painted out half of the engine room with a much cleaner looking grey Danboline I set up my workshop up front.

A few weeks ago we had a fabric shopping trip to the boulevard in Southall, its THE place to go for beautiful fabrics, especially silk.
The livingroom is going to be RED. In fact I found some fairly cheap fabric at £7 a meter for the livingroom. It feels lovely and the colour is so rich I feel like I could dive right in there and swim around.
Now cutting fabrics for curtains takes up a fair bit of space so naturally Ive been using the bed as my work bench. being careful with my pins, although I did accidentally throw them all over the bed at one point....

The thing about narrowboats, unlike proper seagoing boats is that their windows are quite uniform. they dont taper, they dont go off at a slant, they just sit there squarely and make life very easy indeed for a curtain maker.

4 identical curtains, make up two windows in the livingroom. I think they must be perhaps some of the easiest lined curtains ive ever made. The silk needs to be protected from sunlight as far as possible so ive lined them with a decent weight cotton in a matching colour.

I put them up on sunday night and the light on monday morning in the livingroom was fantastic, it was a very dark ambient red. A perfect red light zone.

Im planning on a set of yellow ones for the bedroom so it is sunshine start to everyday in there.

then I have a huge curtain ( by narrowboat standards) to hang as a seperating curtain between kitchen and livingroom.

before that though Im off to France for a week of camping. The boat just isn't basic enough, I need to go back to nature for a week to chill out and get away from the smelly world of inner M25 living.

NB... note to self, next time count the pins you put in the curtains and count them as they come out.... finding pins by getting them stuck in your arse as you sleep isn't the best way.

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