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06 June 2007

The adventures of a little blue fender

The adventures of a little blue fender
entry Jun 6 2007, 09:03 AM
A couple of weeks ago we went away and left the boat safely cloistered in the bosom of Harefield Marina. I think of it like putting a dog in boarding kennels.

A boat savvy friend came to take her our for a weekend just before we returned from our travels and reported back saying,
"it rained all the bloody time, the missus was miserable, the kiddy did nowt but watch dvds and I ended up doing all the driving and locking. Sorry about the broken glass and I heard a strange noise from the prop."
(note, edited into my own words, to repeat his perfectly would take several blog posts)

So arriving back feeling relaxed from our camping trip away, in the lovely English drizzle I donned my waterproofs and shuffled Miss Ryder out of the marina and back to the canal side.
Then started the paranoid inspections of the Man. Now, Im a fairly chilled out type of person, yeah so a glass was broken, some stuff in the cupboards has moved and stuff like that but basically the boat is still floating, my shite is still in the cupboards and everything still works. Bravo. Im happy. But not the Man, he's busy going around inspecting everything, asking silly questions about was this scratch here before, was this like this before... oh dear oh dear the paranoia goes on.

So when he pops his head inside and says "wheres the blue fender" I answer casually, "where you left it probably".
((to give you the background on the fender, it was on the boat when we bought it, it's an inflatable type, it matches nothing, its a bit scruffy looking but yann discovered he likes it dangling on one of the back "corners" when mooring or maneuvering. Im happy without it, I say if you can drive the boat properly we don't need it.))

A few days pass and no sign of the fender. It is missing presumed lost. Ah well, what a shame wink.gif
We've moved a few miles up the canal now and have found a nice spot to stay a few days. It's near a national park area with little rivers branching off from the canal sides here and there.
On our journey further north we had another of our pointless arguments about I don't know what but it included a fight about Him wanting to strap 4 tyres to the front and back of the boat and me saying No. I say if you drive with finesse you dont need that kind of protection, plus they would look bloody ugly. Then he was muttering about how useful that blue fender was....

Imagine my "delight" when I arrived home yesterday to be greeted with an excitable Man who just returned from a foraging trip, I mean a paddle out on his kayak, complete with salvage cargo of one little blue fender.
He'd ventured down a side river and just by chance spotted a blue fender under the bushes at the side.
It looks exactly like ours, the rope is the same, it has the same kind of knot and same scruffy marks.

The wanderer has returned it seems. blink.gif

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