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02 April 2007

Entry Lock stock and two secure doors

Entry Lock stock and two secure doors

entry Apr 2 2007, 01:44 PM
As our marina departure shuffles slowly closer we still have a few jobs to finish before we can actually really use all the boats facilities and a few security measures needed to be added.

Since we got the boat we havent been able to securely close the rear (main) doors when we are inside.

But NOT any more! this weekend there was drilling, a little bit of cursing and then a triumphant jumping up and down after bolting the doors closed for the first time.
Theres one mother-dandy of a bolt replacing the old wobbly job from before plus a nice locking yale bolt too. A herd of small elephants could go rushing at the doors now and they wouldnt budge.

Now if only we could find a 40mm spanner we might get the boiler back in action and have some hot water....
theres a paucity or decent spanner shops around the Staines area. in fact theres a lack of anything of any great interest around Staines so I dont think I will miss that town when we move on.

The neighbours however, despite their general oddness and foibles are turning into quite nice people. I just wish the marina didnt use such pokey pontoons so we have to be moored so close together.
there seems to be a few spaces appearing so if someone is looking for a no questions asked residential mooring, you may well be in luck.

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