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04 April 2007

Hell in a handbasket

Hell in a handbasket
entry Apr 4 2007, 12:27 PM
What is happening to me? Am I in an alternative dimension or something?

I woke up this morning as I usually do on a wednesday by my bank text messaging me a summary of the weeks statement on my account... I spy an odd number and an unusually low bank account, whats this? I nip onto my internet banking only to find to my horror that someone is withdrawing money from my bank account, somewhere in Italy or Spain with a clone of my bank card.

So far around 700 euros... yes we arent talking fish and chip money here are we.

SO after a rapid call to my bank my card is stopped, and the fraud department are onto the thieving robbing bastards.

Feeling dirty and used I headed off for a posh shower in the marinas shower block and on my way there I crossed paths with a holidaying south african chap on a hire boat. He was chatty and friendly and was offering some kind of holiday swap with his holiday apartment on the south coast of africa, then the conversation turned sour as he started spouting off the injustices of the regime running in South Africa at the moment. As I mentioned I was planning a trip to Gambia this year this added fuel to his fire about his dislike of anyone other than White....I really cant repeat what he said as I feel offended just thinking about it, I started to feel very cold and I couldnt believe what I was hearing.
The conversation turned to hate of Muslims entering the UK and I became yet more dumbstruck, HOW is it possible that someone can be so inherantly racist and public about it?
He seemed blissfully ignorant to my protestations that Britain is actually a very healthy multicultural society and benefits from the variety of people living together. His talk of us becoming a beige society rang bells of the BNP party and fascism, I cant believe that I am living so close to a full on racist person, Im not sure I have ever met anyone so badly Xenophobic. I felt quite sick after making my excuses to get out of the conversation to have my much desired shower.

Why cant we all just get along together and live honest and peaceful lives? why do humans have to behave like savages despite their protestations of being the "superior being"

tonight I shall be mostly venting my anger at the boiler that still needs fixing and a new shelf in the bathroom cupboard.

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