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27 March 2007

Hull servicing, FINISHED and the final countdown

Entry Hull servicing, FINISHED and the final countdown

entry Mar 27 2007, 03:42 PM
At last, the anodes have been welded on and we are due back in the water on thursday.
The Bottom is FINISHED!!!

To say i am fairly ecstatic would be an understatement.

Cleaning the tar dust and fragments from our faces has been part and parcel of the job and now I must be short of a few layers of skin, so im planning on letting it grow back before i need to go scrubbing it away again.

the total cost of this little adventure is listed below:

Boat lift out of the water : £313
4 cup brushes at £7 each : £28 ( bought from Turtles in Croydon, chertsey tool hire and Uxbridge boat centre)
protective goggles : £5 (turtles)
face masks : £6 (turtles)
paint brushes and rollers :£15 (turtles)
new shackles for
bull nosed fenders : £2.50 ( uxbridge boat centre)
4 anodes at £30 each : £120 ( uxbridge boat centre)
Vactan rust inhibiter 1 litre :£14 (ebay)
premium bitumen paint
17.5 litres :£59 ( uxbridge boat centre)
welding the anodes on : £50 ( penton hook marine services)
2 weeks on hardstanding: £0
lift back into the water : £313


(We borrowed a variety of scrapers and scaffold platforms to assist with the job. Insulation board is better than planking to lay on under the boat so we found some of that too)

Now imagine if we were at more reasonably priced marina and our lift out costs were halved then it might look more reasonable.
however, we could never had got the job done so thoroughly by anyone else without paying extra for sand blasting and that would have been at the end of the year and cost us lots.

So all in all, i feel satisfied with what we have and now we dont have to worry about blacking or anodes for at least a couple of years.

next stop, Grand Union canal... but not before ive added a few locks to our lockers and engine room.

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