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08 January 2007

wetter than an otters pocket

Entry wetter than an otters pocket

entry Jan 8 2007, 01:24 PM
A fine weekend for cruising if you are a fish.

This weekend we took the boat away from the sales pontoon to move it to its temporary berth in penton hook marina
First we headed off through the massive marina for a top up on diesel and while we braved the sudden downpour we watched the police storm the place, apparently in search of someone or something.

As we waited around on the diesel pontoon for the fiasco to finish, the chap from the marina came talked to us as he filled our tank. Apparently he had tracked some youth with the cctv, he was seen walking through the marina, then disappeared. someone was sent out to find him and ask what he wanted in the marina but before they could reach him a load of police with dogs piled into the place aparently chasing after the youth.
it turns out this chap had jumped into the water thinking he could escape the police by hiding under a pontoon...
he swam around the marina bit trying to shake them off, but in the end after 40 minutes of searching, they finally found this fella standing by the side shivvering cold and he had to be taken away in an ambulance.
and this for... alledgedly stealing a pushbiike... .
im not so sure if its true, but hypothermia is a high price to pay i think.

So we are now moored in our temporary space at penton.

last week we were informed our new cooker has a very small gas leak so weve ripped it all out and are refitting it with some better pipes and to include a bubble tester. hopefully we shall have it all sorted soon because having no gas on board is a major pain in the arse. no oven, no cooker, no central heating. Thankfully the villager stove we have is superefficient at heating the place up so we've been plenty warm enough while we sit with our fish and chip takeaway.

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