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05 January 2007

Boat Safety certificate

entry Jan 5 2007, 05:43 PM
So, another day another dollar so they say...
In the case of our boat its more accurate to say, its trying its best to bleed us dry, it surely is female!

This time after rectifying all the problems highlighted in a boat safety check we eagerly awaited a call today to hear if it passed or not.

NO, is the answer and to be honest I wasn't entirely suprised. A very small gas leak, on the new hob we fitted. I was sure it wouldn't be completely gas tight because the way it was installed with non flexible hoses means very tight access to the important bits and its a real bugger to work on.
SO its another trip to the local chandlers and some flexible gas pipe spannering and cursing this weekend.

Im still trying to decide what washer/dryer or washer dryer serperates to put on board, the more I measure the area available the more I hope each time it will be a few millimeters bigger. however the boat doesnt seem to be organic and isnt actually growing at all unfortunately.

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