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11 January 2007

A touch of wind

a touch of wind
entry Jan 11 2007, 12:37 PM
it all seemed like a great idea at the time, finish work as early as possible and head off to the baot for a night.

The plan was set, we cooked a large reheatable chilli con carne the night before in my flat and syncronised watches.
My partner Yann, headed off to work and the plan was to meet again at the boat at night.

So, Im working on deadline at my office and I dont quite manage to leave work as early as planned but 6.30pm isnt particularly late by my standards. Next I saddled up on a motorbike and headed across town. the journey is usually around an hour, but this time it was more like one and a half. I arrived with tubs full of chilli to be heated on the, by now quite hot stove.
Our gas cooker is still out of action as we need to fit a new hose and can't be arsed in the dark.
By the time the Chilli is hot enough to eat its close to 9pm, theres a distinct chilly draft about the place so we stoke up the fire and settle down for a few games of cards.

By the time we were ready for bed the wind had started to pick up, " it'll be alright" were my final words before curling up under the duvet.

2 hours later Im awake with a bump, the boat is rocking and rolling, thudding into a mooring beam.
the wind had slackened the ropes just enough to let the boat move about freely, the ropes could be heard straining, the cratch was flapping like crazed bird and the dog was by my side of the bed, trembling.


Ordinarily I can sleep through a force 10 and I would have slept like a baby had it not been for my partner being wide awake, talking to me every few minutes; first about the ropes, then about the dog, then about the ropes again, then the dog... my answer every time, "it'll be alright we'll sort it out in the morning"

I manage a couple of hours sleep before its time to get up for work.
I'm left on my own to sort the ropes out and clean up a dog egg left during the night in front of the fridge. My ever observant fella gave it a feel with his flip flop before he realised there was something lurking in the dark.
Then followed the 1 hour bike ride back to work in the rain and gales.

what a splendid start to the day. Sure beats laying in a warm, quiet flat 2 minutes from work.

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