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15 January 2007

cookin' on gas! Sausage n' Mash

cookin' on gas! Sausage n' Mash
entry Jan 15 2007, 11:02 AM
At last! After two fairly busy days of gas pipe cutting and faffing we finally got our gas system gas tight thanks to our new bubble tester.

After 6 trips to the chandlery for this and that and a small piece of 1/2 inch pipe I finally cooked our first meal on the boats cooker ( not the camping gas or log burning stove).
Not exactly a culinary masterpiece, but sausage and mash was a tasty first hot meal for sure.

now I need to call the man again for the boat safety and hopefully, fingers crossed, this time we will be the last for another 4 years.

next job on my list is get her booked in to have a her bottom cleaned up and re-blacked. Ordinarily we wouldnt shy away from doing this job ourselves but at the moment we are lock and flood bound in gin-palace land and currently have little choice over the matter.

Which brings me to my Monday morning rant!
WHY do people want to live in a marina that sits directly under a Heathrow flight path, that is on a river that runs so fast from december to March that you can't go anywhere. In addition to that the moorings are side by side and you live just one meter from your neighbour with no privacy through any window. Finally, the view from all the windows is pretty poor, with so many boats around there really is no "nice" view.
Ok the up side is that each boat has its own service station on the pontoon with water and electricity and theres the poshest showers and toilets ive ever seen in a marina just 100 meters away.
But, for all this "luxury" you can expect to pay around £450 per MONTH if you pay for an annual mooring on a 57 footer.

If you want that kind of luxury, stay in a house! I have a better view from my victorian converted flat in Croydon, which any sane person will tell you isnt the nicest place to live. Its also cheaper, my rent is cheaper than the mooring fees and I have a built in bathroom so I dont have to walk 100 meters to the nearest luxury shower block. And I can park right outside my door, not on some muddy patch in a crowded carpark. We chose a boat so we can get away from people, not move closer!

I already upset one of the "neighbours" and a marina official came to see us because we allowed my dog ( a chihuahua - so obviously dangerous and a menace) to run freely when I was taking him for his constitutional in the bushes. All dogs must be kept on leads at all times apparently. Its all bullshit.

The sooner we can get the hell out of this pseudo luxury prison the better.

phew, glad thats over. Im off for a large dose of chocolate and a cup of "shut the F**k up"

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