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06 September 2017

A quick thanks to the sponsors...

This not particularly academic soul has been arm twisted into completing a bunch of academibollocks ( a Masters degree) in order to progress in the world of teaching the next generation of feature journalists at a very splendid university on the very worthwhile and noble South Coast of the UK. So while I've been working like anyone else, full time and flat out, I was doing this as well, and now it's done and it's September already. Damn. 

Sooo, figured it was probably a good idea to share it with y'all.

2017 summer has been one of those years where you look at it and wonder where in the flying fek did it go? It kinda went something like this: written as a diary style and showing inner monologue, expect strong language in places. 


Deepest darkest phone signal deprived Cornwall...take some pics, meet fishermen, let's get this party started.

Dripping like a skate out of a fish box


Anyone know how to write to "masters level"? Is that even a thing? Thanks to the lecturer for kindly explaining to me to remember I should be writing to this level. But what is it? And who can tell me how to do it? I'll just guess then.

a woman after my own heart. Wonder where I can find a decent spade... 


The course leader hates me... the other lecturer thinks I'm a cunt...  situation normal then.

Massive thanks for the Tesco credit card paying my student fees when nay other a-hole-banking student fee system would work, since my course wasn't eligible and fell between the cracks of bureaucracy. If ya gonna get into debt, may as well earn some clubcard points.

Every little does help. in this case, we levelled-the-fuck-up and carried on. (gamification) 


Rent a small office and workshop away from Boogie Nights. Turn boat back to being a boat. Turn office into mayhem. Swear often and swear it well.

space to swing a thing or two


Work in the day, work in the night, create a website... smug mode. travel backwards and forwards taking photographs and making interview notes. Research into class systems and social structure is melting my brain.

Eat many waffles, thanks Asda and Tesco for your sugared waffles. May those calories burn long and hard. LONG and HARD.
Sugar waffles and chocolate spread. yes, yes and thrice yes. 


What should have been a nice little celebration of a turning-of-a-decade birthday turned to utter shit and is memorable for being quite possibly the crappiest, shittiest, saddest birthday thus far. Thinking about it just makes me sad, then angry then sad again. I'll try not to think about it and focus on the project.
Also got a new camera. so er yay. (see info later about that)

The eating of many doughnuts: thank you Morrisons for the catnip of the human snacking world.

Oooh heaven is a fully stocked Morrisons Doughnut rack

Thanks to the Yacht club in Alderney via the JOG race club for the birthday Prosecco. Can't begin to tell you what that did for morale. read about the JOG race to Alderney here

This bottle would be a saviour. Drink responsibly folks.

July, shit got real.

Sleeping in the back of the van on locations all around the fucking place. Hell yeah. Van-ping is ace. Who am I? Where am I? What year is this?

Energy drinks from Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Co-op and Morrisons. You're all getting it. This ain't no time for sleeping. This is a time for action. Except for the time when you're sleeping. Obviously.

emerge? more like wobble along hallucinating and sleep deprived.
Energy drinks will get you by though, in those darkest hours.
(this is one of my favourites though, if anyone from emerge is looking...)


Shit got even more real and got handed in and exhibited half way through August. A real test of sleep deprivation and determination. The first two weeks of the month had roughly 7 all nighters, which is every other day, pretty much.
Anyway, the project, the thief of summer holidays, the stopper of sailing adventures, the evil side kick of academia, the cunt of a bastard thing, why-did-I-ever-think-this-was-a-good-idea,  it looks like this... (there's three mapazines, one each showing a documentary)

and this... (the exhibition in London which will be reassembled at the studio in Southampton if anyone fancies a look )

and this... (the virtual reality 360 videos)

and this... (the augmented reality)

and the website looks like this


The upside to all this academibollocks and making this monster of a project means we now have 360 video capability on Boogie Nights. So look out for the next incarnation of boat video experience. You'll be able to wear a VR headset to be on the boat with me on future adventures. Especially those glowstick night-time raves on watch.

Fly 360 4k surround video camera

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