15 March 2013

A long time coming

Yeah.  That's right.  It's been a bloody long time since the last blog post. It's been winter.
But now it's spring I can come out of hibernation and let the world know about the latest  shenanigans on board The Boat as well as planned bullshittery for 2013.
There's a lot going on.
The Boat is coming out of the water for spring maintenance.  I much prefer working in the warm.

On the list:

  • Drop the rudder and check the repairs are still good.
  • Check the prop.  It's rattly. 
  • Drop the mast and replace the rigging.
  • Put in new halyards.
  • Chuck some new antifoul on.
  • Give it a spruce bruce with a polisher and then. 
  • Add the new logos.
  • New logos?
Yes we will have a new boat name. Stuff will be happening towards the big project too...

The solo, nonstop chuckle around Britain. 

It's a monster project, it'll take a while to organise, but at some point this decade there will be a voyage of hysterical proportions. 

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