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07 March 2011

When im cleanin windas

There's only so long I can avoid making eye contact with the postit to do notes dotted around the boat.
This morning, stuck to the nutella jar, replace lewmar windows.
Damn it.

Another postit stuck to the toilet door, empty back cabin (to prepare for work)
Oh stop it.

Since my morning trip out to find some sailing action resulted in zero action and zero pictures taken except for evidence of mass over signage at bradwell marina, I had nothing to use as an excuse to avoid the inevitable.

The back cabin has been a neglected area, used for dinghy storage and vacuum packed blankets.
A large furry red cushion (what is it about women and cushions?) and a bag of odd clothes I cant make my mind up about keeping or not. Not sure what to do with a unionjack tutu and tail coat.

Back room emptied, cushions up and boards up, theres is water pooled in various areas, I can only assume from condensation. Mildew growing on the backwall had to be dealt with and then take a look at the back end of the prop shaft I need to remove.


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