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04 September 2009

second viewing

I asked a friend with a nice car (that works) to come and have a look with me at the Oyster in Cardiff.
She drove, I waffled on about all kinds of shit. When we arrived she lithely clambered down the vertical companionway that had been the subject of much discussion and looked around. "uh huh, yep, looks alright" she replied
and then we started poking and prodding all over again.
It is quite old, build in 1980, a lot of things will need replacing, but every boat I can afford is a money pit, the main thing is, I need to love the money pit otherwise it will all be a waste of time and effort.

So, I put an offer in.

The Oyster 41 I went to visit in Cardiff has the edge over all the boats I've seen.

Im just arranging the surveyor to come down to do the business...

exciting times.

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