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05 August 2009

the final curtain

Six weeks in Watford and I've got itchy feet already. 
I've just finished a nice pair of curtains for the livingroom as a thankyou to my friend who has kindly let me stay in his spare room on my leaking airbed.
There's only so much I can ask of a friend. It's probably time I moved on for a while.  

Another friend in Reading with whome I have shared a house with a few years previously is happy for me to stay in his spare room for a while. Especially since he also has curtains that he’d like adjusting and hanging.
Thankfully he has a car that works so he came and collected my bicycle and couple of bags. I rode my sickly scooter behind him all the way, keeping an eye on the dashboard the whole way for signs of more trouble.
At least Reading is closer to Cardiff so my train there will be cheaper and quicker than from Watford. My Cube wont be ready for a few weeks yet since all the parts are special order from Japan.

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