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03 August 2009

14 days

How is it possible I can have so much stuff?

I surely dont need it all.
packing away the contents of the cupboards and drawers has revealed that I am infact less of a minimalist than I fooled myself into believing and more of a creative-tucker-away-of-things-out-of-sight. This will be rectified as soon as I have a moment to contemplate such ruthless skimming of "Schtuff".
Most of my possessions are now tucked away in boxes, stacked 1.5 meters high by 1.5 meters square.
each of these boxes will be quarantined, checked and double checked before I allow any of their contents to move with me to my new home. If they dont pass the usefulness test then off they go to a charity shop or well known auctioning website.
I may even put them up for free grabs on here.

Id really like to get it slimmed down to just one small ish car load. Im sure with a little lateral thinking it can be achieved.

of course, before it gets moved anywhere, I actually need to find something to move it into.

the seach continues, Plymouth, S & NW Wales, W Scotland, Belgium and the Netherlands await.

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