10 January 2009

look the water's gone stiff

at first it was a novelty, after it was a good photo opportunity, then it was a good cruise and funny smashing noises, followed by a learning curve of how to steer (or not) in the ice, then it was fun smashing the ice to be able to open lock gates, after that it was an interesting talking point at work. Now Im bored of it.

Yes it was exciting to draw the curtains and see the ice formed on the INSIDE
yes it was fun smashing through ice with the boat
yes its lovely and cosy with the fire lit, but its been a bit cold in the mornings since Mr X has been stingy with the coal at night.

theres been some good photo opportunities, but since its highlighted how crap my ancient 4 year old camera is, it gonna cost me a few squids to buy a new camera to match up to my expectations. Its bloody expensive this icy snowy freezing parky weather.







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