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16 December 2008

Does it get cold in winter?

NO it bloody well doesnt.

what brick house have you ever lived in where its icy cold outside, theres an icy wind blowing and yet you are walking around in the buff inside, with the windows open sipping a cocktail and thinking of palm trees?

this narrowboat has to be the hottest place ive ever lived. mainly because Mr. X is nesh and likes it tropical. without him I probably wouldn't light the fire most of winter.
So now hes added an ecofan to make the bedroom hotter and to avoid me wearing pyjamas because he thinks they are passion killer.

its winter, i like snuggling up under my nice thick winter duvet, but now hes talking about putting the summer duvet back on! I say, put less wood in the stove and quit getting up so damned early for work, that's the real passion killer.

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