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16 December 2008

hot n cold and running in water

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this is the third winter I have been living on Honey Ryder, it feels like more.

The first two winters we had hardly any condensation at all, but this time, we are running in it.
every window and unprotected cupboard. We have the fire lit every day, its dries out some of the windows but it comes straight back the moment the temperature drops below tropical.

last winter I made the mistake of filling a cupboard and closing the door, when I decided to tidy the cupboard and find something one day, I realised everything was covered in mould! this year we have moisture absorbing sachets in the cupboards and all seems to be staying dry.

so Ive clearly moved the water out of the cupboards and onto the windows.
Not sure why this can be, other than maybe we have a water leak. the water pump is giving me the warning signal that something is not perfect with an occasional brrrp. just a little one but I remember last time we had that kind of noise occurring without using the taps, it turned out to be a seeping kitchen tap pipe.
SO the search has begun to find the drip.

cue sarcastic comments about Mr. X

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