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30 September 2008

flashing by

As we get older life seems to speed up, it accelerates, and with each extra day that passes by the momentum gathers pace.
My work life is busier than ever and my home life is passing in a blur.

That is until we set off on another cruise.


it all suddenly sloooooowwwwwssss riiiiggghtttt doooowwwwnnn, and I feel like Im in a slow motion replay.
Ive seen these canals before, ive been through these locks before, Ive done all this before and its all the same as before at the same speed.

Walking pace.


So at the speed of walking pace I have relocated over the past few weeks from Rickmansworth, where I had grown rather fond of the trees I had to duck under on my way to the train station and the pretty mystery woman I saw on the train platform every day at the same time in the same place.
We moved gradually down the Grand Union, through London and paused at Camden. We had never stopped there before. It's a bit busy with trip boats, but dead handy for the shopping. So I shopped til my bank account almost dropped and then we moved on. My best friend was visiting from the north again, we have an uncanny habit of picking the same clothes to wear.

Victoria park, a quick bike ride to Brick lane for a curry, followed by a brief waking in the middle of the night to hear Mr X chucking his guts up, the Lamb he had was possibly not really Lamb, but some other furry rodent type alternative to keep the cost of meals down during the credit crunch.
anyway, we then headed down to limehouse for a little visit there, and a nice bike ride out to the Dartford crossing and the barrier.

no, not this barrier, the other barrier


Limehouse is a nice spot to head out from for an afternoon or night out as the DLR is so close.

This weekend we moved again up the River Lee, it took us eight hours which included a pub stop along the way and four trips down the weed/bag hatch,
We are now slowly making our way up the Lee again as I really like the river and although the boat is still for sale we imagine spending the winter on Honey Ryder before we find a buyer. The River Lee and Stort is a nice place to spend the winter I think.

So, nothing much to write home about, hence the lack of blog entries. No point boring the pants off y'all with small talk about the weather.

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