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24 April 2008

persuasion pays off

It's been weeks, no months now that I have been persuading the Mr X that buying a yacht would be a great idea.

At first he was a definite no, based on the fact that he had no reason but thought if we haven't enjoyed narrowboating then why would be enjoy sailing? Plus he wanted to go back to France.

Then he started to warm a little to the idea when I said I don't ever want to get to a point in my life where I have regretted NOT doing something.

Then I imparted my thoughts that if we went through life not doing things because we might not like it then we might not do very much at all. This was stacking up well in my favour as he was definitely coming round to the fact he has little choice in the matter.

Several more weeks of persuasion, followed by a visit to the excel boat show really got him excited about the prospect of downsizing and living in a smaller but wider boat that could, I say COULD, not necessarily WOULD, travel the world.

The final nails in the coffin of doubt were hammered in when we found some new friends moored up in Limehouse basin. They live on a yacht, they are French and they are slowly travelling the world. They are our age, they have a lovely boat called Cool Daddy.

Now the Man has gone to France and seen some of his contacts over there in Brest and I think they have all echoed my sentiments of what a bloody great idea it is, especially when he has the opportunity of a woman who can "keep" him if needs be and he can do one of his favourite things... which happens to be sailing.

I had a call yesterday from France asking if I have sold the narrowboat yet...
er no, not yet, I'm busy living on it I tell him. So it looks like I need to get my camera out and capture my home in some good light to start advertising it. The only thing I'm a bit worried about is the bit between not having a narrowboat and finding a yacht good enough to live on.

Caravan? Motorhome? Crash at a friends place? The thought of that is more scary than giving up my job in a year or so's time to bugger off sailing!

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