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12 March 2008

the magic sponge

As with most modifications, they come about because of an urgent necessity through breakage.

Our travel power has been out of action for just over a week now, ok, it's 2 weeks but I was trying to think positive.

The first symptoms of something wrong happened, er, last year on our maiden voyage away from our marina at Easter. squeaking ( read squealing) bearings in a jockey pulley that stops the large travel power belt from flapping about.

We changed the travel power belt because it was looking a bit worn on the back and WD-40'd the bearings. Yes I know it's not a real fix but it does make the bearings go quiet for a little while. repeated WD-40 application was all it needed... yes, honestly it's got magical properties has WD-40... a bit like the magic sponge at football matches.

fast forward to christmas time 2007, having replaced the travel power belt again, it promptly failed after just 7 days of being fitted. we put it down to a faulty belt.

having adjusted the current belt several times and hummed a little tune while the jockey wheeled screeched away until it heated up we thought , perhaps one day we should replace the bearings.

SO, what happens when the WD-40's magic sponge effect wears off?
When bearings over-heat and explode, your jockey wheel seizes solid, bits fly off and embed themselves wherever it's soft enough, your belt gets fused to an almost red hot jockey wheel and you spend the next day on the phone ordering new parts.
Two new belts, at £14 each and a new "upgraded" jockey wheel that looks like the barrel from a gun, £74.

The new 12-shooter ( for that is how many holes it has bored through it to apparently keep the jockey wheel cool) is due to be fitted soon and normal 240v service should hopefully be resumed.

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