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28 February 2008

name that tune....

The tune we are humming is one of a Beta Marine BV1505 engine with travel power on the side.

Since the Man arrives home before me it's generally down to him to fire up the beast each evening to charge the batteries and heat the water.
Last night I arrived home and He tried to describe a new problem he had with the engine. First of all he says, "oh, the engine did a funny thing tonight"
I reply warily, "what kind of funny thing?"
"well" he says, "it was going along nicely then suddenly the note changed and it sounded like it was struggling"
"so what did you do?" say I

"oh, well, I turned off the travel power and nothing changed so I tried to give the engine more revs and still nothing changed"

I replied "have you checked the oil recently?"
(me)"have you checked the diesel recently?"
(me)"what about the travel power belt? because last time we had a funny noise that's what it was..."

(me)"ok... well, we shall assume its one of those, and Im hoping its the latter"


two new travel power belts are on order..... and Im hoping that's all it is


extra note, the following evening I return home to be told the problem with the belt was that it has melted, yes melted and fused itself to a pulley, (cue funny french sherades describing the exact action and replicated forces which were needed to remove the fused on belt) which has seized bearings.
so, in addition to the new belts we now need to dismantle a pulley and send it off to be matched up with some new bearings.

strange as it may seem, this side of boating I quite like. How one small thing can totally fuck up quite a lot of other things. It keeps you on your toes!

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