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02 January 2008

literary genius in the making

Entry literary genius in the making

entry Jan 2 2008, 02:14 PM
Narrowboating might be the death of me if I don't sell it soon.

Ok, so it's not actually for sale at the moment but it will be. I've had enough of this "living the dream", "life on the cut", "river gypsy lifestyle", and several other clich├ęs.

Narrowboating, it's definitely not cricket. it's definitely not boating, it is definitely narrow though so I will give it that.

Im currently thinking of titles for my book, Ive searched and searched and I still cant find a book about the subject, which is currently forefront of my frontal creative imagination lobe. A humerous view from the side of those who in fact think narrowboats, roses and castles and rosie and jim should be consigned to the nearest largest skip available. (please note: I don't hate boating, far from it, I just hate narrowboating)

so far my working titles include:
great expectations ( already been done that so a no no)
narrowboat to hell ( a bit gloom and doom, i dont want to put readers off)
skip on water ( I like this one... )
the 4mph race (double entendre... race meaning people...geddit? )
sour dreams
when dreams turn bad!!! ( a take on the american police car chase tv programmes)

ive had loads more ideas but have forgotten them for the moment. Im happy to consider anyones suggestions.

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