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07 January 2008

Entry madness at the park

Entry madness at the park

entry Jan 7 2008, 01:16 PM
After a brief stay at Springfield, Bow Locks ( arf arf) and Lime house, we moved up to Victoria park in london.

we cruised the ring from springfield all the way around without seeing more than two boats. However We have now discovered where they all congregate, and that is Victoria Park. That place is heaving with boaters, doubled up pretty much all the way. We managed to find a spot on the outside of a boat we were immediately warned not to walk on the side of and avoid the roof. This command came from a neighbour who helped us tie up.
The reason was not territorial but simply to avoid us falling through the boat!
It's quite a boaters atmosphere at the park, engines or gennies running, smoke billowing from chimneys, people wandering around chatting to each other, filling up with water, it's a hive of activity. feels a bit like a gypsy camp.

Quite a change from Limehouse which has very few visitor spaces and nobody seems to want to fight over them. I dont understand why there is so many people crammed into this one space at the park. We decided to go there mostly out of curiosity as we've never stayed anywhere so busy before.

We discovered fairly quickly after arrival why the boat next to us was single moored when she started her engine, it vibrated our boat more than our own engine. Noisy is one word to describe it. I have several others. I can say them at the top of my lungs because no one can hear me scream!

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