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09 February 2007

Shell suits and big hair

When you move home you tend to find lots of photographs you forgot about, and this is one of them.

I was 15, this was my 2nd dinghy, I had a fibreglass rowing dinghy before this from the age of 10-13. I had moved up in the world with this Astral french rib with inflatable keel. Wooden floor boards were a luxury and behind me out of shot was the awesome yamaha 5hp powerhouse that was my pride and joy. it replaced the old seagull 4hp I had before it. it almost, very almost was powerfull enough to get this big old barge to plane. well, it did plane in a fashion but i had to shuffle forward and push the nose down to get her to start skimming.

I pissed off lots of boaters over at Sprotborough lock when we moored on the finger as I could happily wazz up and down until the tank was dry trying to get this thing to plane. come to think of it, I think I started pissing people off from the moment I got on the water aged 4... ever since I got dive bombed for rowing too close to an island seagull colony ive never been the same.

oh, halcyon days.

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