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22 February 2007

That's a quiet engine...

So, there I was in the morning, a bit tired, not exactly with it and turned on the tap in the bathroom to be greeted with splat splat put put splat... as air was escaping the system, that's odd I thought.
So I went and used the kitchen sink instead and that was running fine. Strangely I thought the neighbour was running their engine, it was very very quiet, I've heard it before and it's so quiet I'm almost jealous.

After I came home from work that evening I'm sitting in the bedroom getting out of my motorbike kit and thought, blimey, the neighbours engine is running again. Still as quiet as ever. Wanker. quiet engined wanker.
So I happen to mention to Yann that the tap in the bathroom has gone a bit mental and is having air problems but all the other taps are working fine.

And then completely unrelated I say, "maybe we should top the water tank up too, as I've done a fair bit of washing lately. "

Then the little light bulb came on.
It was the one of dawning realisation that our water tank was running on empty and the engine noise was in fact the water pump humming to itself. You hum it, I'll sing it. Shit, shitter shitting shit. What a tit.

We dug under the step where the pump is housed, switched it off for a moment and ran and fetched the hose.
Yann came trotting back down the roof of the boat with the hose in hand and proceeded to slap the hose hard on the window of the cratch to get my attention. Little did he realise I was already there with my hand out to catch it and my head pressed against the window area. After a moment of swearing and me calling him a twat, (sorry posh neighbours) the water was running into a very cavernous sounding tank. A few moments later the pump was back on, self primed and singing sweetly.

I'm quite surprised to have run out of water, as according to the specs we have 150 gallons capacity ( that's around 600litres) . which should have been more than enough for a couple of washer loads. Apart from the washing machine/dryer we don't use water for anything other than washing the pots and even then we are pretty frugal. It took about 10-15 minutes to fill the tank with a fairly fast hose so I'm thinking, maybe those sales specs were a bit wrong and actually the tank is much smaller.
Perhaps more like, ooh, I dunno, 150 litres maybe.
150 Gallons my arse. Who does things imperial these days other than those fucked up Americans who fought so hard for independence but then kept our outdated measurement system. I think it's faintly ironic.  

Still the boat is sitting more level again now, I was wondering why things were starting to roll towards the stern.

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