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24 January 2007

cool runnings

I was sitting at work yesterday, again doing my best not to do too much because Im a lazy sod.
anyway, i saw the met office forecast of -4 for the night time and then thought about the boat having no heating or frost protection.

We headed over to the boat after work ( around 11pm) for an unscheduled stop over to add a frostat heater. it was quite chilly inside but with the fire lit, the central heating turned up to stun and a fan heater in the bedroom we were warm and toasty in about 30 minutes. Super!

As Yann got up to get breakfast at 6.20, I heard a yelp and thought finally the neighbour had shot him for peeing off the side of the boat again, but in fact he was standing in 3cm of snow on the back of the boat looking all excited. He hasnt seen snow for a long long time as he's wintered in Morocco the past few years.

I wonder if we will get enough snow to make a Bond "snow" girl on the roof of the boat?

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