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27 January 2007

cats outta the bag

The cats outta the bag
entry Jan 29 2007, 11:41 AM
quite literallly the cat, was out of his bag as I was on a mission this weekend to rehome my beloved ginger moggy, previously a rescued stray and then rehomed with my Grandad in Chesterfield, who recently passed away, leaving a cat in need of a new home.
So Ginger ( aren't I creative when it comes to names!) did his best to foil me in my attempts to find him a better life with my boss in the south of england.
I originally mentioned to Yann I was thinking of putting the cat on the boat, but before I could finish the word boat, yann had already got his bags packed and was ready to leave. So my bosses house it is then.

After an hour long search for him, a struggle to pull him out of a tree, avoiding him attacking a curious dog who'd backed Ging' into a gorner and leaving my mum with tears welling up as she kissed him goodbye, he was stuffed into a cat basket and loaded into a car. I finished off saying my goodbyes, and on returning to the car i see the cat sitting on top of the basket looking miffed and my dog curled up pretending to be asleep inside my coat on the front seat looking at me as if saying, "I aint bothered". Arent animals such good fun!
So I try driving with the cat out of the basket but hes so frightened by my driving he started hyperventilating, there followed a brief flurry of fur and cursing and he was incarcerated once again, this time with an old screwdriver I found on the floor jamming the zip closed and a blanket over the top to keep him in the dark.

3 hours of meowing ( turning the stereo up was not enough to drown him out) later we arrived at his new home and being the dopy dipstick type of cat he is, he was settled in 10 minutes and curled up on my bosses knee.

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