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Gill deck tech race trainer

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Gill deck tech race trainer

size EU38/UK5 (available from EU37 up to size EU47)
Time on test/in use: 1.5 seasons
Cost when new: £65 
Available from: Marine Scene or for other sizes Gill Marine
Still Current model (as of Autumn 2014)

Pros: Good quality wide and supportive sole. Very grippy and good deck holding at all angles.
The wide and sturdy sole gives very good foot protection from bumping into deck fittings or hardware. Stepping on awkwardly shaped objects such as shackles or potentially sole bruising items is virtually unnoticeable. The wrap around sole, shaped into a bump trip near the toes gives protection to the shoe from foredeck activities and possible sole detaching forces.
Easy and quick lacing. Stylish white finish looks good off the boat. Generous sized pull on loops.

Cons: The Sole may be too stiff for some and not provide enough feedback or feeling of grip despite being grippy.
The white look is also not to everyone's taste and some may prefer a more subtle colour scheme (now available)
The laces are quite slippery and need to be double knotted to avoid them coming undone after just a few minutes.
The white finish is prone to marking and needs to be cleaned to maintain the pristine look.

Gill deck tech race trainer

The reflective insert panels is a nice touch though I'm not sure what purpose they serve unless trying to find your shoes in your kit bag in the dark using a torch.

Good quality grippy soles, wide platform gives good support and protection.

White is always going to look grubby before long and requires frequent cleaning to maintain the smart look

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