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Henri Lloyd TP Ocean boots

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Henri Lloyd TP Ocean boots

size EU39/UK6
Time on test/in use: three years
Cost when new: £120 (bought in a January sale)
Bought from: Gillingham marina chandlery
Current Henri Lloyd equivalent: Henri Lloyd Shadow boot

Pros: Very comfortable and warm with good quality lining. Generous sizing. When new were exceptionally easy to put on/take off whilst in rough seas. Good quality stiching and quality finish which has remained in excellent condition despite having been worn through a variety of testing conditions off shore.
The have remained reasonably waterproof, which can only be breached if held submerged (tops not submerged) in a bucket of water for well over an hour.
They remain comfortable even after three/four seasons use and are a great winter boot or cool season boot.
They look good and the lighter colour is a welcome change to the regular black or dark blue of other boots.

Cons: The leather suede finish once covered in salt water becomes a moisture trap. The boots tend to be permanently damp looking. This dampness is a breeding ground for mildew if left unattended. Thorough washing in fresh water is required.
Whilst the inner lining is still comfortable, one boot liner has now become detached from the boot inner so can be difficult to extricate a foot occasionally as the liner comes with it.
The sole has perished quite quickly, becoming shiny and dangerously slippery on deck. Despite scouring with emery cloth they still remain too dangerous to use whilst sailing. 

Henri Lloyd TP Ocean boots, grey suede and grey durable inserts

Pull on loops have remained intact despite heavy usage.

Disappointing soles have perished very quickly, initially very grippy and good wide platform give excellent foot protection. But the perishing has made the soles dangerously slippery.

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